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Ultrafilter India Pvt. ltd. is the first joint venture company in India to Design, Engineer, Manufacture, Market & Service high efficiency purification equipments meeting demanding International quality standards worldwide. Ultrafilter make Air Dryers & Filters remove undesirable impurities from Compressed Air System like condensate, particles & oil, satisfying stringent air quality criteria's for different applications

Compressed Air Filters for removal of Particles, Moisture & Oil droplets upto 0.003ppm. Filters for 5 bar upto 400 bar pressure requirements can be provided. Air Quality Standard - ISO 8573.1


Eco-Friendly Refrigerated Air Dryers giving constant Dew Point of +3 oC. Dryers upto 40 bar Operating Pressure are available upon request. Air Quality Standard ISO 7183


Desiccant Air Dryers for moisture removal achieving Dew Point upto -70 oC with MSD type & upto -40 oC with ALD type. Fully Automatic Heatless Dryers are with in-Built Pre and Post Filters. Air Quality Standard 8573.1